Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Newest Grandbabies

Luke on the left and Zach on the right.

Zach and Luke - 10 days old

Zach and Luke - 1 week old squeezed into a swing together.

What's going on?  Are you eating my ear?  
Luke on the left and Zach on the right

Bath time - Luke on the left, Zach on the right.



Grandma loves this!  Zach on the left, Luke on the right.

Heading home from the hospital - Zach on the left, Luke on the right.

Okay now you guess - who is on the right?
(Answer is at the bottom)

Andrew with Zach

Are they identical?  Andrew, Julie and John checking it out.
Julie has Luke and Grandpa has Zach.

Less than 1 hour old.
Luke on the left and Zach on the right.

Julie and ? and ?

Josh, Ruston and Luke, Brooke, Zach and Julie
May 9, 2009

Our twin grandsons were born on May 8, 2009, healthy and handsome!!! Julie is amazing - she carried them for 39 weeks with no problems (40 weeks depending on which due date you go with) and delivered them pretty much the same way.   She really didn't even look like she was having twins and now she is settling in to nursing and mothering them amazingly well too. Grandma is loving this chance to help - there is a baby for Julie to hold and one for Grandma most anytime of the day. They have been really good babies so far so life is good. Brooke and Josh love them and are really glad that Dad has been home to play with them and take them places.

(Answer: Luke is on the right)