Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas in Seattle

We spent Christmas in Seattle with Julie, Ruston and family. We had a lot of fun watching little ones experience Christmas. Julie continues to amaze me with all she does for her family and many others in her circle of friends. Her generosity is boundless. I was struggling to keep my head above water when I was in a similar situation. Ruston is also great to help with everything.

Zach, Julie and Luke

Ruston and Josh

David checking out his stocking.

I wonder what it could be?

Brooke, Zach, Josh and Luke with Julie

Grandpa using his new rear view mirror to see what's going on behind him.

David and Josh

Brooke in her "cute" pose as she calls it, Julie, Luke, Josh, Zach, and Ruston

Brooke is thrilled with her candy cane. This is the cutest pose of all - sheer delight!

Zach is trying out the Clementine. I think he decided the skin wasn't so great.

Josh and his new Jumping Bike complete with front and rear suspension.

Luke is trying the candy. He decided it was good
and in fact ended up with the candy cane in two pieces, out of its wrapper and sucking on it.



Josh with his new vacuum cleaner
This one really works - no more wasting time with a toy.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Some Missionary Pictures from Andrew

"Right before I killed it, cooked it and ate it. (Actually that's as close as I got)" 8-09

"I didn't even know it was in the background until I printed it out." 8-09

Another one!


Andrew in a tree at Battery Park

Elder Wallace, Elder Kidd, Elder Pack, and Elder Bjarnson
at Battery Park, Charleston, SC 8-24-09

Baptism of Jordan Wittrell 8-22-09

1st baptism - Elder Pack, TaivaughonFlores, KaivaughonFlores,
Elder Wallace, Sheral Atkinson, Bro Robinson - 8-8-09.

Elder Pack, Elder Bjarnson, Elder Kidd, Elder Wallace - July 2009

President and Sister McConkie with Andrew when he arrived in South Carolina.

This is Andrew's MTC companion, Elder Ludlow.

Here are a few pictures Andrew has sent home.
This is of course out front of the MTC.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Newest Grandbabies

Luke on the left and Zach on the right.

Zach and Luke - 10 days old

Zach and Luke - 1 week old squeezed into a swing together.

What's going on?  Are you eating my ear?  
Luke on the left and Zach on the right

Bath time - Luke on the left, Zach on the right.



Grandma loves this!  Zach on the left, Luke on the right.

Heading home from the hospital - Zach on the left, Luke on the right.

Okay now you guess - who is on the right?
(Answer is at the bottom)

Andrew with Zach

Are they identical?  Andrew, Julie and John checking it out.
Julie has Luke and Grandpa has Zach.

Less than 1 hour old.
Luke on the left and Zach on the right.

Julie and ? and ?

Josh, Ruston and Luke, Brooke, Zach and Julie
May 9, 2009

Our twin grandsons were born on May 8, 2009, healthy and handsome!!! Julie is amazing - she carried them for 39 weeks with no problems (40 weeks depending on which due date you go with) and delivered them pretty much the same way.   She really didn't even look like she was having twins and now she is settling in to nursing and mothering them amazingly well too. Grandma is loving this chance to help - there is a baby for Julie to hold and one for Grandma most anytime of the day. They have been really good babies so far so life is good. Brooke and Josh love them and are really glad that Dad has been home to play with them and take them places.

(Answer: Luke is on the right)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mexico City in November 2008

I guess I should catch up and post some pictures from
our trip to Mexico City.
It was truly one of the pay back times when you get to see and meet the people who love your missionary son or daughter! I'm sorry we missed that with Bryan and Jeff.
We had a great time sight seeing and visiting amazing families and attending the Temple rededication. We saw ruins at Teotihuacan and The Templo Major, Revolutionary Square and lots of other things that only David has pictures of. (so check out his blog)

Hermana Chavaria - a great lady who fed us well. She makes cakes to sell by the slice on the street I think. So she made one for David. It was one of the best cakes I have ever eaten. She and her family were so warm and friendly. We loved visiting them!

A very tricky shoe shine guy - He was walking along trying very hard to engage David in conversation. David was trying very hard to ignore him. All of a sudden he pointed to something and said "LOOK!" While David looked he jumped in front of him and got down and started giving him a shoe shine! It was very funny except that we were late and rushing to get to the home of some people we were going to have dinner with.

A view of Revolutionary Square and a huge, very old Cathedral.

This is the Templo Major. You can see how over the years they kept expanding the temple to make it bigger and better. This is right in the middle of Mexico City
next to the Revolutionary Square.

John and David walking to the Temple of the Moon at Teotihuacan.
Pronounced Tay - o - tee -wa -can

Shelley and David in front of the Temple of the Sun at Teotihuacan.
Pronounced Tay - o - tee -wa -can

Tuesday, January 6, 2009